Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sibling from NJ sold their enterprise for $100 million

What were your priorities at 21 ?? Maybe enjoying your final year at college or peparing for the further "post graduation" studies. Perhaps for this sibling-duo from New Jersey, "studies" and "job oppurtunity" is holding the last proritization in their current life. Afterall not everybody make $100 million dollars at the young age of 21.

In 2005, Catherine Cook and her brother David had an idea for a startup. The high schoolers flipped through a yearbook and wanted to make a digital version.
The 15-and-16-year-olds got to work and created MyYearbook. In the 6-year span, the duo raised $17 million in financing, grew the site to 20 million users*, and generated 1.2 billion monthly pageviews.
Today, a publicly-traded Latino social network, Quepasa, announced its $100 million acquisition of MyYearbook. The majority of the deal, $82 million, is Quepasa common stock. The other $18 million is cash.

Geoff Cook, MyYearbook's CEO and sibling of Catherine and David, wrote a letter to his 100+ employees:
"I don’t consider this an exit or the end. I consider it the end of the beginning, and I believe we have a lot more innovative products to create," he says.
Welcome to retirement Catherine, Geoff and David! Although we're sure this won't be the last company they create.


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