Sunday, 31 July 2011

iChat : Apple's social network ??

In a world, where social networking has revolutionized the interaction mode of the society and "digital social profile" reflects the personality and character of an individual, it is becoming very difficult day by day to choose the perfect platform for networking.

If you thought "Facebook" is the best platform then think again, as new entrants like "twitter" and "google plus" has already threatened its numero uno position and the latest to join this $200 billion "social networking market" ,is none other than "Hardware and software" giant "APPLE".

Apple which already provides "iChat" an "instant messaging" application currently available on MAC OSX, is planning to take it to the next level and convert it into the full-fledged "social meadia network". As per our sources, Apple is making its best effort to introduce this social platform alongside the launch of iPad 3 next year.

When Apple first announced that it would launch "iChat"(to know more about it, read below) for the first time as an application on its next iPhone i.e. iPhone 5, many critics spontaneously referred to as BBM's (BlackBerry Messenger) killer as it has got each and every qualities to defeat Research in Motion's instant messaging service.

It wouldn't be difficult for Apple to gain the market share in the social networking field too as it already have the strong user base of iPhone and iPad all around the world. Apple which estimatedly sold 24million iPads (both 1 and 2) already in the market, wouldn't have to try it hard to get the user's attention.

ABOUT  iCHAT(application)

Full-featured instant messaging.
iChat is an instant messaging application that makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family using text and video. iChat works with AIM, the largest instant messaging community in the U.S., which means you and your buddies can use AIM on a Mac or a PC. iChat works with other services including Yahoo! too.

Video chatting made easy.
Most Mac computers include a built-in FaceTime or iSight camera and mic. When you use them with iChat, you can have high-quality video and audio chats with your friends and family.
Chat with just one person or make it a party by starting a multiway chat.


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