Thursday, 4 August 2011

Asian car brands satisfy most Australian drivers

There are currently an estimated 14.9 million drivers on Australian roads today. Approximately 8.7 million of these drivers are in cars from Asian owned brands, an increase of almost 22% over the last 5 years. With more than half of all cars on Australian roads originating in Asia, Lexus and Honda have the highest portion of satisfied drivers; according to the March Roy Morgan Automotive Currency Report.
For the 12 months to March 2011, 94% of Lexus drivers said they were satisfied* with their current vehicle. This is 3% points above the Asian average, leaving Lexus tied with Honda on top of the group.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:


“5 years ago Lexus topped the Asian Brand Satisfaction list, with a score 6% points above the average. Although still on top of the list, their total satisfaction figure has declined to 94%, placing them tied with Honda in the top spot. Honda has shifted from equal 3rd place 5 years ago to equal top, moving ahead of Subaru and Suzuki. It is interesting to see that both Lexus and Honda have the same proportion of satisfied drivers as Volvo and Renault, who topped the European importer brand results Roy Morgan published recently.

“With over 3 million Australian drivers currently behind the wheel of a Toyota, this is a key metric for the automotive powerhouse to be aware of. Importantly, Toyota has moved from 5th in 2006 to currently sit 4thand marginally above the average. Other Japanese brands returning positive results are Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi, while Suzuki has fallen from equal third in 2006 to 8th overall and 2% points below the average.

“When looking at the Korean brands, Hyundai and Kia have both made positive gains over the last 5 years, but still remain below the average. Importantly though for Hyundai, their total driver satisfaction figure increases to 95% when looking at those Hyundai drivers who have purchased their car in the last 5 years. Like Hyundai this ‘recent ownership’ metric is also up for Kia, suggesting that as age of ownership increase, the portion of satisfied customer’s decreases.

“With such a large portion of Australia 1 million strong new vehicle sales coming from Asia, this metric is a key one for the manufacturers to be aware of. It will also be interesting to look at these results again when the likes of Great Wall, Geely and Cherry have further established themselves in the marketplace.”


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