Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Beckham brand aims to slim waterloo

Herbalife the USA founded nutritional and weight management product providers are moving their targets to the city of Liverpool. Now in over 70 countries the range has become very much the product of choice for millions across the globe. With a range including the likes of multivitamins, herbal teas, isotonic drinks and even now including skincare. It has now arrived on South Road- Waterloo at ‘energie Fitness Club.’

The brand is supported and taken in the USA by global superstar David Beckham and his team at LA Galaxy as well as the likes of FC Barcelona where it is the club’s Official Nutrition Sponsor and the also the individual sponsor of the world’s number one player, Lionel Messi. With this in mind the brand now aims to target the region of Liverpool through their top Personal Wellness Coach Phil Mylotte. Phil commented “We have started to get involved in certain gyms in the region and that has been great for our brand. We have identified ‘energie fitness club’ in Waterloo as a great partner as they offer on-going support, guidance and motivation to all members. Nutrition is a huge part of this and the team at ‘energie’ are aware of the importance of this, so we look forward to helping members where we can.” Dave Connor the franchisee at √©nergie – Waterloo commented “Our average member’s age is 42, and over 70% of our members have never used a fitness club before. We have also set up every Tuesday evening a community weight loss challenge, so help motivate people in the area to live a more active lifestyle. Anyone is welcome to call in.”


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